110 Percent
is a song from It's a Meaningful Life. Stewart tells everyone that they need to work hard as they can.



Stewart: We're taking one

Game at a time

Check your stance

And you'll be fine

When You step-up

To the plate

Keep your eye on the ball

And you'll be great

Barney: Dad, that's baseball...

Stewart: Quiet boy.

100 percent will never do

Get seven more

Then add a few

Cuz when the game

Is on the line

Grampa Gourd: Hey there, Stewart!

Stewart: Get the puck in the net and you'll be fine

Kid Grape: Hockey, Mr. Green!

Stewart: There ain't no "i" in team

Kids: We're not sure what you mean

Stewart: You gotta dig down deep

Before you take that leap

You're playin' to win

You're layin' it in

You're scoopin' the ball up off the rim

Art: Basketball!

Stewart: 100 percent will never do

Get seven more

Then add a few

Split the uprights

Punch it in

Percy: That's better!

Stewart: Shake it off

10 to 1

All: 110

Next time... you'!!

Fun Facts

  • Originally, the song was going to incorporate the lesson of the episode. But it was changed because then it felt like Stewart already knew the lesson.
  • This song is very similar to that of 76 Trombones from the musical The Music Man.