A Joking Sumo I is a song is a song from VeggieTales, and it's the second song for Sumo of the Opera.


A Joking Sumo, I

A lad of quips and wisecracks

Who throws his custard pies back

Where whoopee cushions lie

My shenanigans are long

Through every antic ranging

And to your humors changing

I sing my silly song!

(nose from mask inflates)

I sing my silly...



Fun Facts

  • Like most of the songs, this is based on a song from Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado". In this case, it is "A Wand 'ring Minstrel, I".
  • In the script, it stars with Scallion singing "A Joking Sumee, I". However, it was changed to "Sumo" in the final.
  • When Larry's nose explodes, the bang sounds slightly different in the VHS version.

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