A Polar Pickle!

Larry Whitaker


Jeff Holder
Jason Vanborssum


Bob Miller

Music by

Christopher Davis



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A Polar Pickle! is the third LarryBoy Super Short.


At the zoo, a little pickle boy loses his yellow toy fish after his carrot dad bumps into him. Larry hears the sobbing, so he goes in a phone booth to transform into Larry-Boy. However, everyone is looking at him. Archibald has a dressing room in his suitcase, so Larry goes in there to transform. However, he turns into a ballerina first. He goes in again, finally turning into Larry-Boy.

Two penguins are fighting for the fish, as they mistake it for a real one. Larry-Boy jumps into the penguins' habitat. They accidentally drop it in the water, so they all jump in, and so does Larry-Boy. However, they go back up again. And Larry-Boy goes with them. Same thing happens again, but Larry-Boy jumps, and the penguins come up again. Larry-Boy tries to grab it with his claw, but all the penguins are also grabbing it. One of them let go, and Larry-Boy ends up in a penguin's mouth. He spits Larry-Boy out, and Larry-Boy gets the fish. But a penguin tricks him by telling him to look up, and then he takes it inside an igloo.

Larry-Boy goes with him, but he crashes into an ice wall, leaving an icicle to break on him. Another penguin takes the fish, and the other one goes after him. Larry-Boy goes with them too. They slide on the ice until the penguin with the fish is on a cliff. The other penguin bumps into him. The two penguins move out of Larry-Boy's way, leaving him falling. But he uses his plungers to save himself. They run away again, but Larry-Boy catches up to them. However, they turn out to be on the other side of an ice wall. Larry-Boy uses a hair dryer to melt the ice, but the steam triggers water, which falls on Larry-Boy and then turns into ice, freezing him.

The two penguins run out, and Larry-Boy breaks himself free. The fish lands in Larry-Boy's mouth, and the two penguins jump on him. However, the fish finally lands in the pickle boy's hands. The pickle boy and the carrot dad go see polar bears, but it is unfortunate that the same thing happens again. Larry-Boy and Archibald hear the sobbing again. Archibald says that they need a hero, leading Larry-Boy to sarcastically say "Yeah, whoopie!".