Several animals have appeared in VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins!, and the Larry-Boy series.


Sheep had a long history with VeggieTales. They originally appeared in Dave and the Giant Pickle, where David and his brothers had to take care of. Unfortunately, they tip over a lot, which give the brothers the advantage to tell David what to do.
The design of the original sheep is that their eyes are simplistic black beads and they have lots of wool. Their only movements they have besides their eyes and mouth are just hopping. This design was used up until VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!.

The sheep were then redesigned in Jonah. They now have slightly bigger heads, more detailed eyes and they apparently have less wool. However, they can now more leg movements than their previous design.


A poodle first appeared in The Blues With Larry when Larry says that poodles make him happy.

More poodles appeared in The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's when Darby and his friends passed through the field of puppies. Darby and the Tin Man were distracted by their cuteness, and Scarecrow and the Lion had to drag them out of there.

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