Big Idea Studio Tour 200212:02

Big Idea Studio Tour 2002

Big Idea Studio Tour 2002
is a DVD feature that was featured on Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.

List of People Phil Vischer Interviewed

  1. Dan Philips
  2. Joel Mains
  3. Adam Frick
  4. Tim Hodge
  5. Ameake Owens
  6. Marc Vulcano
  7. Nathan Tungseth
  8. Jason Judy
  9. Joseph Sapulich
  10. Philip Dimitriadis
  11. Joe Spadaford
  12. Chuck Vollmer
  13. John Trent
  14. Steve Fuller
  15. Brian Roberts
  16. Bryan Ballinger
  17. Angela Athitakis
  18. Greg Hardin
  19. Paul Conrad
  20. Sarah Catherine Brooks
  21. Leslie Ferrell
  22. Bob Elder
  23. Mike Nawrocki
  24. Ron Eddy

Fun Facts

  • The music that's playing is Jonah Was A Prophet.
  • It's unknown if the concept art in the tour was going to be planned episodes that were either made later or scrapped ideas, concept made for movie, or were just random pieces the artists thought of. Some pieces that were shown are:
    • A warehouse with a forklift.
    • a color script Phil was holding features Bob and Larry. It is assume for the film, but the last image shows Bob and Larry at the countertop.

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