Bob's Vacation is an exclusive short from God Made You Special.


Bob is leaving for a vacation so he hires Larry to answer the fan mail. But when he hears Larry's comments, he feels upset and leaves. He offers an autograph to two ladies, but they don't pay attention, making Bob sad. Meanwhile, Larry is worried, so he hires help, but it got a little rowdy. Meanwhile, Bob tells his problem to Charlie, who comforts Bob. He then decides to cut his vacation short. Meanwhile, Larry suggests the group clean up. Then Bob arrives home and expresses his feelings to Larry, who tells him he's talking about Raymond. He also tells him what happened at the house, but Bob forgives him. Then Bob gets a verse from Qwerty and they agree with the verse, ending the short.



  • There were pictures of past VeggieTales moments in Bob's house:
  • Originally, there was going to be a different opening sequence, and it was about Bob and Larry saying their ending lines, and that VeggieTales was an actual show. It also shows that Bob had approved going on vacation himself as well. They later changed it, and can be seen as an Easter Egg on the "God Made You Special" DVD.


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