Bob and Larry Sing the 80's

October 2, 2010

Bob & Larry Sing the 80s is a VeggieTales album, and its a follow-up to Bob and Larry Sing the 70s.


Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads ... Get your party shoes on for a totally danceable decade of songs including La Bamba, Walking on Sunshine, Footloose and more!


  1. Gourds Just Want to Have Fun
  2. La Bamba
  3. Everybody Have Fun Tonight
  4. Walking on Sunshine
  5. Footloose
  6. That's What Friends Are For
  7. We Got the Beat
  8. Walk Like an Egyptian
  9. The Power of Love
  10. Don't Worry Be Happy


  • Gourds Just Want to Have Fun, Walking on Sunshine and Footloose were featured in VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly from 2010 which was touring around the same time the album came out. Some versions of the show (including the performance filmed for the 2011 DVD) however would remove Walking on Sunshine for unknown reasons.