"Bob/Madame Blueberry is often a compliment ship for Larry/Petunia shippers."
TvTropes' VeggieTales page

The red tomato and the blue, uh, blueberry's relationship
is often good. However, they might a conflict with each other depending on the situation.

This pairing started sometime after Blueberry's debut, and became more appearnt after Petunia's debut.



  • Bob's Bad Breath - Bob scolds at Madame Blueberry due to lack of sleep.
  • Pie Fight! - Madame Blueberry got jealous of Bob winning the Pie Contest, then apologizes to him.
  • The Painting - Bob gets annoyed with Blueberry saying that his art isn't like Laura's.
  • Bob Gets Glasses - Blueberry gets mad at Bob when the weather didn't turned out like he said it was

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