"Nothing taste better than a cookie baked in a tree!"
— The Other Elf

Cookies are small, flat, baked sweet treats that are very delicious. They are made with flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter or cooking oil, and often include ingredients such as raisins, oats, or chocolate chips.

In other countries, they're often known as biscuits.



VeggieTales in the House

  • Puppies and Guppies - Jimmy and Jerry were eating some cookies until Ichabeezer came into their house due to Rooney running around.
  • Trading Places - Jimmy gets mad with Jerry because Jerry keeps burning the cookies every time they bake some.
  • The Guppy Whisperer - Jimmy and Jerry bake a giant cookie to feed Happy Sunshine Bubbles.
  • Rise of Night Pony
    • Granny Asparagus made some for Laura when she decided to tell her about her (Granny's) life as a superhero. This attracted Motato when he wanted Granny to make cookies for himself. (see image above)
    • Motato uses them as projectiles towards Night Pony when she and Mrs. Fuzzyface were escaping with Granny.
  • Ichabeezer's Granddaughter - Ichabeezer asks Jimmy and Jerry to make a giant cookie for him to give to Maisy. Jimmy and Jerry get the cookie made, but they end up eating it instead.
  • The Lost Tooth - Larry tries to use a cookie as a tooth, only to find that it's too delicious.
  • Shrink-abeezer - Jimmy complains about not having a giant cookie. He becomes elated that he finally has a giant cookie after getting shrunk by Motato's shrink ray, only for the cookie to get shrunk as well, causing Jimmy to give off a Big "NO!".
  • Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess - Jerry eats cookies during the song A Beautiful Mess.
  • The Case of the Missing Monocle - Archibald used a cookie as a substitute monocle.
  • Save the Cherry Cat - Larry, Jimmy and Jerry all desire to be rewarded with cookies by Granny Asparagus if they do a good job taking care of Mrs. Fuzzyface.


  • Family Recipes - Many of the recipes on the features have ones related to cookies.

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