Cool Hand Cuke

Cindy Kenney


April 23, 2006

Cool Hand Cuke is a book that is based upon the film "Cool Hand Luke".


Junior and Laura take jobs at the HOP (House of Peanut Butter) during their summer break. Their plan is to raise money to donate to the VeggieTown Hospital. But Junior changes his tune when the work is harder than he thought. Why should he work all summer if he doesn't get to keep the money? At the Treasure Trove Bookstore, Junior is swept into a country-style adventure. On the farm, he helps Cool Hand Cuke (Larry) and Hot Hand Tomato (Bob) sell the eggs they collect. The whole crew heads over to visit the city hospital, where Junior learns that money doesn't make you rich. True riches come when you learn to give generously to others.

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