This page tracks the design evolution on Bob.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?/Notes
First Bob design 1992 From VeggieTales Promo: Take 38 to The End of Silliness?

Sometime after Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!, the shine effect on Bob disappeared afterwards.

Tim Hodge often jokes that he calls him "Strawberry Bob".

Second Bob design 2000 From King George and the Ducky to Beauty and the Beet

Bob gained a slightly bigger nose, and his body is slightly less wide. He doesn't extend his body, due to the switch of software at the time. Also, his voice is slightly higher.

Originally, his eyes were smaller, but later were enlarged after the Jonah film.

BobAndLarryGettin'Angry10 Third Bob design 2014 From VeggieTales in the House to present

Like most of the cast, his eyes are slightly apart and gained blue iris. He also gained some eyebrows, just like his cartoon counterpart.

He also gained permanent visible teeth, which his previous two models only used a pair of teeth in some shots.

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