Doughnuts (commonly known as Donuts) are round, fried doughy pastries. They are usually deep-fried from a flour dough, and typically either ring-shaped or without a hole and often filled. Doughnuts can be purchased at bakeries, food stalls, and supermarkets. They almost resemble a life saver.



VeggieTales in the House

  • Trading Places - Jimmy offered Bob some doughnuts, but much to the shock of Jimmy, Bob said he doesn't like doughnuts.
  • Lost in the Woods - Larry tosses a doughnut at what he thinks is a wild animal, but is actually Archibald, before the doughnut hits Archibald in the face.
  • Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess - Doughnuts are among the foods that Jimmy and Jerry eat while still reveling in their messy home.

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