"Remember kids, God made you special...
And He loves you very much!
— Bob and Larry


Because Big Idea is a Christian company, God might show up on special occasions This would be mostly discuss the few times he might show up or mentioned. The countertops won't count since Bob and Larry mentioned Him a lot of times.



  • Josh and the Big Wall! - God appeared in the form of burning bush telling Moses to help his escape to the Promised Land.
  • Moe and the Big Exit - Like Josh, God takes the form of a burning tumbleweed and tell Moe to help Little Joe's descendants escape Dodgeball City.

Fun Facts

  • In the script of Moe, the tumbleweed was going have the same arms as the Elders of the Razzbery Forests. Brian went against it since the arms made it look too scary.
  • When the VeggieTales episodes were broadcast on NBC and Qubo, all mentions of God were cut due to NBC's religious neutrality policies.

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