He's Accepted the Challenge is a song from VeggieTales, and it's the third song for Sumo of the Opera.


Part 1

He's accepted the challenge from Gourd;

Chorus: Done-Done!

They say he's a quitter,

He'd better get fitter

Or Scallion will surely succumb

Chorus: Cumb-Cumb!

So tame your expressions of glee.

On this subject we pray you be Mum.

Chorus: Mum-Mum

You'll find they're not many

Who'll fight for a penny

This bike's worth a rather large sum

Chorus: Sum-Sum

A very good bargain indeed

Chorus left: On this subject we pray you be mum. Mum-mum!

Chorus right: Oh this bike's worth a rather large sum.


Chorus: You'll find there are not many,

Chorus left: not many,

Chorus right: Not many

Chorus left: who'll fight for a penny

Chorus right: It's a very good bargain indeed

Chorus left: It's a very good doctor he'll need

Chorus right: As you can see a good bargain indeed,

Chorus left: As you can see a good doctor he'll need,

Chorus: Yes indeed, yes indeed! (2x)

Part 2

Chorus: Oh, the training, he says he'll do none

Chorus left: None-none!

Thinks Scallion's a quitter

He won't get much fitter

In two seconds, the match will be done

Chorus left: Done-done!

Chorus: Stay tuned,

This is just getting fun

Fun-fun! (2x)

So much fun!

Fun Facts

  • Like most of the songs from the episode, it's based from a song from Gilbert and Sullivan's musical, "The Mikado". In this case, it's "Finale, Act II".

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