He is That Hero is the main theme song for LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures and the second theme song about Larry-Boy.


Oh, LarryBoy, we need you now
To show the way to save the day to save the town
Now from the cave, the tires squeal
And to the rescue comes a cucumber of steel
Oh, LarryBoy (LarryBoy!)
We need you here (Oh, yeah!)
So won't you come and lend a super suction ear?
Oh, LarryBoy (LarryBoy!)
You're dynamite (All right!)
Fighting what is wrong,
Standing up for what is right
(One, two, three)

Cause what the world needs now is a hero
One who's kind and true and brave and bold
If you haven't guessed yet, then it's time you know... (2x)
(It's time you know)
Yeah, he is that hero

I Am That Hero!