I Must Have It
is a song from King George and the Ducky.


King George: It's beautiful.... I want it.

Louis: What?......... The house?

King George: No, the ducky!

Louis: Oh... Uh.. But you already have a ducky.

King George: what are you saying? That I shouldn't have whatever I want?

Louis: Well.........

King George: I must have it, I must get it

You must go and get it for me!

If you want me to be happy, then you'll show me you adore me.

Don't rest another minute till it's sitting here before me, If you wanna

Do your best, I would suggest you go and bring me back that duck!

Louis: But sir, if I could just jog your memory, you already have quite a few duckies.

King George: Those are yesterdays duckies.

Louis: Huh? Wh-what these are perfectly good duckies, why most of your loyal Subjects would love to have even one ducky this nice.

King George: I don't like these, I don't need these, I don't wan these any longer

My affection for those duckies isn't getting any stronger

Just say I can't have what I want

You couldn't be more wronger, don't ask me to explain, there will be pain if you don't

Go and get that duck!