The different costumes of Jimmy and Jerry over the years.


Image Costume Seen in
SlushingOnJimmy Israelite Josh and the Big Wall!
KingGeorgeandTheDucky2 Bob King George and the Ducky
OmeletSpotlight Prince Omelet Lyle the Kindly Viking
DrJiggle Dr. Jiggle A Snoodle's Tale
JimmyBaker Baker Gideon: Tuba Warrior/Gallery
TheLittleDrummerBoy247 Bernie Gourdberg The Little Drummer Boy
SupperHero5 Supper Hero Supper Hero


Image Costume Seen in
KingGeorgeandTheDucky3 Larry King George and the Ducky
JerrySwede Swede King George and the Ducky
JerryasErik Erik Lyle the Kindly Viking
OtherElfGivingCookies Other Elf Lord of the Beans
TheLittleDrummerBoy106 Shepherd The Little Drummer Boy


Image Costume Seen in
Blueberry'sTickets209 Hip hop clothing Blueberry's Tickets

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