Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack
is an album encasing the first two LarryBoy episodes.


  1. Cordial Greetings from Alfred
  2. A Fib Falls and It's Laura's Fault
  3. The Search and It's Lenny's Fault
  4. The Fib Grows and the Water Tower
  5. Junior Tells the Truth
  6. Look Who's Here To Help
  7. Bumblyburg Groove Remix
  8. Superhero Slim-Down Mix
  9. Thanks, But No Thanks
  10. Rumor Weed Introduction
  11. The Seed Is Planted and the Rumor Weed Spreads
  12. The Rumor Weed Song
  13. Larry-Boy to the Rescue
  14. The Sewer and Town Square
  15. The Confession and the Bloom
  16. It's The W's
  17. The Rumor Weed Song (The W's)
  18. Ta-Ta
  19. Larry-Boy

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