Lb hideous horde
Larry-Boy and the Hideous Horde

Sean Gaffney
Bob Katula

LarryBoy and the Hideous Horde is a compilation of three books of Larry-Boy: The Cartoon Adventures.


Bumblyburg’s favorite hero is back!

In these three adventures, Bumblyburg citizens become victims of jealousy when the Emperor of Envy taints the town’s slushee supplies. LarryBoy’s super-suction ears become saturated with evil, and he can no longer listen after being attacked by the awful ear wacks. And Bumblyburg school kids face an icy doom after they forego school for a sinister snow day.

Stories Included

  1. LarryBoy and the Emperor of Envy
  2. LarryBoy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks
  3. LarryBoy and the Sinister Snow Day

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