Leggo My Ego!

Larry Whitaker


Brian Roberts


August 27, 2002

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Leggo My Ego! is the second episode of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures.


Things seem normal in Bumblyburg until Larryboy notices that the residents are mysteriously shrinking. Larryboy discovers this is the work of the Alchemist who uses a flower loaded with a mysterious powder which has the ability to shrink those who are exposed to it. The Alchemist and his mother capture the residents of Bumblyburg, taking them to their lab, and turn them into an evil replica of Larryboy. Larryboy enters the lab and defeats the replica, returning everyone to normal. The Alchemist then takes Bob hostage and Bob is rescued by the brothers Herbert and Wally, who squish jelly donuts in a way the jelly fires at the Alchemist, causing him to lose his grip on Bob and release the shrinking powder on his mother. His mother, in retaliation, flings the powder back at him, causing him to shrink as well. The Alchemist and his mother are then arrested.



Fun Facts


  • Sucrose is a carbohydrate found in sugarcane or beet sugar. This is common with various sweets.



  • Both the Alchemist and Mother Pearl should've got shrunk as well when Larry-Boy said "All of Bumblyburg is worthless". Though, they may'be been not affected due to them residing at the edge of the city, and presumably the explosion only the citizens closer. But it doesn't explain why Archibald was affected, as he was outside of the city.
  • Officer Olaf, Herbert, and Wally are shown in the nets after Larry-Boy bombarded the city with the ego vapor, but they were already in the lair beforehand.
  • The animation looks a little bit odd, as if this episode was cel animated.



Black can be seen on the background of the buildings when Larry-Boy feels disappointed nobody thinks he's super.

  • Junior's pencil wasn't touching his pad while writing.
  • When Larry-Boy feels disappointed no one thinks he's super, you can see black on the background of the buildings.
  • Alter-Ego's pupils overlap with the mask during the shots where he bounces Larry-Boy.
  • When Mother Pearl turns after Larry-Boy says "At least not by myself", the inside of her mouth isn't colored in.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The episode's title is spoofed from Eggo's slogan, "L'eggo my Eggo!"