Little Joe
  • Species: Cucumber

Joseph (commonly known as Little Joe) is the title character of The Ballad of Little Joe. He is played by Larry.


Little Joe is one Pa's sons, and he is considered his favorite. 

A year after he vanished from his home, Mr. McPotiphar bought him from the desperadoes and ended working at the Rootin' Tootin' Pizza Place in DodgeBall City. McPotiphar didn't know if he would be a good worker, but after helping making the place back on track, Joe became very helpful and loyal, and even became Employee of the Month. Just like his brothers, this caused the restaurant's performer Miss Kitty to be jealous.

The "Real" Little Joe

Little Joe is based on the biblical figure Joseph, who was one the sons of Jacob, and was the firstborn from his wife Rachel. He was Jacob's favorite, which caused his older brothers to be jealous of him, especially when Joseph received a coat of many colors.


Little Joe only appeared in The Ballad of Little Joe, although he did appear in the flashbacks of Moe and the Big Exit and was mention.

Joe's real life counterpart appeared in illustrations of The Penniless Princess, protrayed by Jimmy Gourd.

Fun Facts

  • He is the only biblical figure character to receive a lot of costume changes.

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