This is Larry, Pa Grape, and Jimmy talking about Lord of the Beans.


Larry: This is Ear-A-Corn.

Pa Grape: What are you talking about?

Larry: Ear-A-Corn, you know, like from the movie!

Pa Grape: Oh, right. In the movie.

Larry: Yeah!

Pa Grape: I'm Grumpy.

Larry: Hey Grumpy!

Pa Grape: Yeah, actually I'm Pa Grape, but I played the role of Grumpy.

Larry: We got that Leg-o-Ram around here, somewhere?

Jimmy: I'm, ah, over here. I'm sitting on the couch.

(cuts to the scene with Toto and Randalf starting to laugh)

Larry: That's Randalf right there.

Pa Grape: That's Randalf, and he's, he's a wise man.

Larry: Yeah, he's a wise guy.

Pa Grape: Did he bring presents to the baby Jesus?

Larry: No. Hey, but look at this! This is really.... I'm, uhh... You know, they're laughing.

Jimmy: I didn't-

Larry: (interruping Jimmy) -At each other. I didn't hear like a joke or anything.

Jimmy: I didn't get this joke at all.

Pa Grape: Does that ever happens whenever you tell your uncle a joke and he just laughs too long?

Larry: But nobody told a joke! (silent for a second) They just look at each other. (cuts to Billboy's party, just before he starts singing) This set right here.

Pa Grape: Right.

Larry: You know, this, this was actually Bob's backyard. You remember we couldn't, we couldn't get the location at old Zealand?

Pa Grape: Yeah, we couldn't get the location 'cause they were using it for, what, it's "King Kong"?

Larry: I think so. We went out and got this tent at Home Depot.

Pa Grape: Yeah, I remember that. We had to put it in my pickup.

Larry: Yep.

Pa Grape: Good thing I have a pickup or we couldn't make this film.

(cuts to Randalf talking to Billboy)

Did you see the axe that I get to carry around in this film?

Larry: Yeah, was that really metal?

Pa Grape: Was it gorgeous or what?

Larry: Was that really metal?

Pa Grape: Don't you hear it clank?

Larry: Yeah?

Pa Grape: Wait until I come in, you'll hear it clank.

Larry: Oh, and hear it clank?

Pa Grape: (mumbles a bit)

(cuts to Toto singing on the tree)

Pa Grape: Oh, this is so sweet. When he sings like that....

Larry: Yeah.

Pa Grape: Like a little Michael Jackson, when he was young and happy. (silent for five seconds until the next scene)

(cuts to the eagle swooping downwards)

Fun Facts


  • A cummerbund is a broad waist sash, usually pleated, which is often worn with either dinner jackets or tuxedos.


  • It is revealed by Larry that he had to learned both playing a guitar and riding a unicycle.

Real World

  • The King Kong film Larry was referring to the Peter Jackson film, which was filmed the same time as the episode was made.
  • Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was a American singer, known for his title as "the King of Pop". Prior to his solo career, he was part of the Jackson 5. The Jacksons were previously mentioned before.

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