Michael Nawrocki (born July 8th, 1966 in Dayton, Ohio) is an American voice actor, writer, animator and director.

He is the co-founder of Big Idea and VeggieTales with Phil Vischer. He is also the writer and director for most of the Silly Songs with Larry segments.





Silly Songs

Fun Facts

  • Mike states if he pick either fries or chocolate, he'll go for the fries.
  • Mike's favorite shows are "Downton Abbey" and "The Simpsons".
  • His favorite character from television is Sue Heck from "The Middle", as she's a human version of Larry.
  • He used to have a pony tail.
  • He originally wanted to have a career in the medicine field, but he gave that up as the success of VeggieTales began to rise.
  • Is of Polish descent.
  • He has a bad back and he threw it out after sitting on a chair with a high hutch during production on Very Silly Songs!.
  • Married to a Colombian woman named Lisa.
  • During the early years of VeggieTales, he was doing a lot of free lance work to earn money due to Big Idea not making a lot of money.
  • On the 2008 reprint of Where's God When I'm S-Scared?, Mike Nawrocki did a message concerning the 15th anniversary of that show.
  • He has two kids: Ally and Michael Jr.

Works at Big Idea

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