This is Brian Roberts and Mike Nawrocki talking about Moe and the Big Exit.


Man 1: Hello everybody, this is Mike Nawrocki.

Man 2: And this is Brian Roberts!

Nawrocki: Let's see, and who are we? Uhm..

Roberts: You're the- you're Larry.

Nawrocki: I'm Lar- (Larry's voice) I'm Larry! (normal) And uh..

Roberts: And I'm not Bob.

Nawrocki: And you're not Bob, though. But I wrote "The Lone Stranger"? No, wait, it's "Moe and the Big Exit".

Roberts: "Moe and the Big Exit". We'll talk more about that later.

Nawrocki: Yeah, and Brian directed "Moe and the Big Exit".

Roberts: Yes I did.

Nawrocki: Yep. So, and a fine job you did. I'm about ready to see it all in it's full beauty. I haven't watched it yet, in it's full beauty. So this is-

Roberts (interrupts) Uh, I think this is the same beauty you saw it in last night.

Nawrocki: But it's- with with better sound.

Roberts: Oh, yeah, yeah yeah!

Nawrocki: That'll be very good.

Roberts: Yeah, we got the score and the songs in now. Nawrocki: So why won't we talk about the title first?

Roberts: Well, let's talk about the development.

Fun Facts

  • I Love Lucy is a 1950's sitcom.
  • She-Hulk is a super heroine from the Marvel Universe, who is the cousin of the Incredible Hulk.
  • Sandy Cheeks is a character from "SpongeBob SquarePants", who is a Texan squirrel.
  • The Ten Commandments is a film starring Charlton Heston, and like "Moe", it is based on the story of Moses.
  • The Back to the Future clock tower they mentioned is the Hill Valley clocktower, the main location used in the original trilogy.

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