On the Road with Bob and Larry
Music by

Kurt Heinecke
Christopher Davis

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On the Road with Bob and Larry is a sing-along album released in 2003.


  1. On the Road Again
  2. Stop and Go with Mercy
  3. The Wheels on the Bus
  4. Bicycle Built for Two
  5. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top
  6. I've Been Working on the Railroad/Down by the Station
  7. This Train
  8. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  9. Ease on Down the Road
  10. Driving Medley
  11. I'm Gonna Sing, I'm Gonna Shout
  12. Oh, You Can't Get to Heaven
  13. Are We There Yet?
  14. The Waiting Game
  15. Happy Trails
  16. Split-Tracks (16-30 Tracks repeat in karaoke version)