• Species: Computer
  • Basis: Apple iMac (formerly IBM 386)

Qwerty is the kitchen countertop desktop computer in VeggieTales.


Qwerty's been always showing Bible verses for Bob and Larry when the show is about to end.

He broke down in one episode due to Lutfi's antics. He got repaired afterwards.

Years later, Qwerty got updated when Larry wanted to suprise Bob on the new kitchen countertop.


Unlike most computers, Qwerty is not perfect. On the first show, he accidently pulled up a recipe for yummy meatloaf instead of the verse.

He is usually quiet, though he does like teasing Bob sometimes, like when he did a Norm's Note version of the verse for Huckleberry Larry, and when he changed his screen to the paper bag Larry wore in Noah's Umbrella.


According to Phil Vischer, Qwerty is originally based on a IBM 386. After his complete upgrade, he is based on a Apple iMac.

His current upgrade includes e-mail, a screensaver, a voice chip, and a webcam.

Voice actors

  • Mike Nawrocki (Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn't - Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men)

Fun Facts

  • Qwerty's name comes from the first six letters on a standard English keyboard.
  • Qwerty originally had Pong as seen in the second episode. It's currently unknown if he still has the game in his upgrade.
  • Phil originally created the model of Qwerty in either 1990 or '91 for a corporate piece he was doing for work prior to The Big Idea's start.
  • After the series switch to Maya, Qwerty gained letters on his keyboard, which was absent from his original model.
  • Starting with Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't,He is based on an Apple iMac.



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