This is Mike Nawrocki, Tim Hodge, David Pitts, and Brian Roberts doing a commentary for Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler


All 4: Hellooo.. (singing like a quartet)

Hodge: Yes!

Nawrocki: Brian, you were almost right on that one. Okay, that was, several takes later.

Hodge: Introduce yourself.

Nawrocki: Hi, this is Mike Nawrocki, director of Sheerluck Holmes.

Pitts: And this is David Pitts, producer of Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.

Roberts: Oh, I'm Brian Roberts. Uhm, and I was on this show, the storyartist, and also character designer.

Nawrocki: Whoo!

Hodge: And I'm Tim Hodge, and I didn't work on this show that much. I was on the development team and...

Nawrocki: Oh, don't-don't downplay the importance of development.

Hodge: No, I'm not!

Roberts: (interrupts) Specially saying, because this show was very smooth in the pre-production process, 'cause the script was so solid-

Hodge: (interrupts)- This is the first time I've seen this show all the way through, so my commentary would be very fresh.

Nawrocki: Oh good, it'll be like Man on the Street.

Hodge: Yes!

(cuts to Don and Pancho playing checkers)

Nawrocki: See, look! He's our first time viewer.

Pitts: Okay, now about the checker board. I mean, I don't have to comment on this frequently, but-

Nawrocki: (chuckles a bit) Happen to be a check expert.

Hodge: Yeah, what's with the checker board?

Pitts: Everytime I watch it, it's like "These guys don't really know how to play checkers".

Nawrocki: (laughs) It's Spanish checkers. You got-

Pitts: You get checkers on the black.

(cuts to the guy holding a cheeseburger stating how the food is great)

Hodge: Hey, I did work on this show! That's my voice!

Nawrocki: (chuckles a bit) That's your voice, that's right.

Roberts: Noe all those extras are kinda like this complinlations. Some of them are from Jonah, some of them are from Princess and the Pie War.

Hodge: (chuckles a bit)

Nawrocki: Yep!

(silent for about 6-7 seconds)

Yeah, I love that Cheese E. Rodent.

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