Silly Little Thing Called Love

Brian Roberts


John Wahba
Kevin Gamble

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


January 19, 2010


81 minutes

Silly Little Thing Called Love is a special VeggieTales compilations. All feature stories and songs about love. 


Larry and Jean-Claude are doing a special interview with the kids on about the subject of love (eg. neighbors, family, favorite foods, and God).

Segment #1: The Story of Flibber-o-loo (from Are You My Neighbor?)

Song #1: Endangered Love (from King George and the Ducky)

Segment #2: Duke and the Great Pie War

Song #2: Love My Lips (from Dave and the Giant Pickle)

Segment #3: Madame Blueberry

Song #3: His Cheeseburger (from Madame Blueberry)

Song #4: The Bunny Song (from Rack, Shack & Benny)



Silly Songs

Fun Facts


  • Pot roast is a braised dish by browning roast beef through slow cooking in a oven.


  • This is the first special VeggieTales compilation to have the 2010 VeggieTales theme song.


  • The continuity of some of scenes are probably out of order when Larry was interviewing the kids.
    • At the start of the special, Annie is seen with one paper heart cut out, but in later shots, she is seen with more.
    • In some shots, the girl with the cookie is seen finishing it, but is later seen with the cookie still.
  • The Bunny Song is technically not a Silly Song.
  • The kid with the juice pop mistaken God for Jesus when she said that he died in the cross,


Real-World References

  • The title is based off of Queen's song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".



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