The Announcer is an unseen character from VeggieTales.

Psychical Appearance

While this character is not seen, he shares the same voice as Archibald and Scallion 1. Larry even mentioned to Archie that he always thought he was the announcer.

His voice was distantly different in his first appearance, then a bit higher in his later appearances.


Because of his non-existence appearance, it is never clear if the Announcer is an existing, or if he actually has a psychical form.

Since Phil Vischer voiced him, some fans speculate that he may've been Archibald as the voice is similar to his, only more softly (also because his robot counterpart played the part for the Hairbrush). However, this was debunked in the Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo as Archibald confesses to Larry that he thought he was the announcer.

Some would even say Scallion One maybe the voice as the Announcer in the later songs sounded more close to the former.

However, in every credits of the episodes, the Announcer is being treated as a separate character. Whenever or not he'll appear psychically is unknown.

Episode appearances

The Announcer appeared in nearly every Silly Song.

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