Silly Song Remix Medley is a medley consisting of Silly Songs that are remixed. It appeared in The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown and Silly Songs with Larry.


Larry: Cebu! Sing it with me! Cebu!

Jimmy, Jerry & Junior: Cebu!

Larry: Boy is riding with cebu

Jimmy, Jerry & Junior: Boy is riding with cebu

Larry: Into town in his canoe

Jimmy, Jerry & Junior: Into town in his canoe

Larry: Sick cebu is rowing and sneezing. Achoo moo moo Ceby!

Jimmy, Jerry & Junior: Cebu!

Larry: Barbara Manatee.

Backup Singers: Manatee, Manatee.

Larry: You are the one for me.

Backup Singers: One for me, one for me.

Larry: Sent from up above.

Backup Singers: Up above, up above.

Larry: You are the one I love.

Backup Singers: Barbara, oh Barbara.

Pa Grape, Mr. Lunt & Larry: We are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

We just stay home and lie around

And if you ask us to do anything

We'll just tell you ...

Larry: We don't do anything!

Larry: This is a song, for your poor sick penguin. He has a fever and his toes are blue. But if I sing to your poor sick penguin, he will feel better, in a day or two. Yodel-leh-hee yodel-eee-ooo. Yodel-leh-hee yodel-leh-hee yodel-leh-hoo.Ya-de ya-de ya-de ya-de ya-de-doo!

Larry: If my lips moved to Duluth, left a mess and took my tooth, that'd be too bad. I'd call my dad.

Archibald: Oh dear! That'd be too bad, you'd call your dad?

Larry: That'd be too bad.

Archibald: Hold it!

Larry: Oh, where is my hairbrush? (2x) Oh, where (8x) my hairbrush?

Larry: Miren al pepino

Bob: Watch the cucumber

Larry: miren como se mueve

Bob: see how he moves

Larry: como un leon

Bob: like a lion"

Larry: tras un raton.

Bob: "chasing a mouse.

Larry: Miren al pepino

Bob: "Watch the cucumber"

Larry: "sus suaves movimientos"

Bob: "Oh, how smooth his motion"

Larry: "tal como mantequilla"

Bob: "like butter"

Larry: "en un chango pelon."

Bob: "on a ... bald monkey."

Larry: Everybody's got a water buffalo.

Yours is fast, but mine is slow.

Oh where'd we get them, I don't know, but everybody's got a water buffalo-oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Lunt: He said to her, "I'd like a cheeseburger

And I might like a milkshake as well"

She said to him, "I can't give you either"

He said, "Isn't this Burger Bell?"

She said," Yes it is but we're closed now

But we open tomorrow at 10"

He said, " I am extremely hungry

But I guess I can wait until then"

Cause you're his cheeseburger

His yummy cheeseburger

He'll wait for yo-u, yeah

He will wait for yo-u

Oh, you are his cheeseburger

His tasty cheeseburger

He'll wait for yo-u

Oh, he will wait for you

Archibald: One day, while he was waiting for the trolley, he had a hat.

Larry: My high silk hat.

Archibald: He wore it high upon his head so proudly, a beautiful hat.

Archibald: A hat like this just makes him feel so grandly. Now fancy this and fancy that. The splendor of his hat in all its majesty.

Larry: Like a king, in a royal cap! I feel so swell and handsome in my hat. I bet that others wish they had in fact -

Larry and Archibald: A hat as this, a hat as that, a hat so high, a high silk hat!

Larry: Oh, Mister Art Bigotti, now whaddya think of that?

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