Sing-Alongs: Dance of the Cucumber

Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke



Sing-Alongs: Dance of the Cucumber is a Sing-Along DVD released in 2006. It is the second in a series of 4 DVDs, the others being Sing-Alongs: Do the Moo Shoo, Sing-Alongs: I Love My Lips, and Sing-Alongs: I Can Be Your Friend.


Fun Facts

  • Four out of the ten songs (The Forgiveness Song, I Can Be Your Friend, I Want to Dance, and My Day) are not actual Silly Songs.
  • Instrumental bits from His Cheeseburger are heard throughout the DVD, but that song is not included in the actual video.
  • The credits state Mike Nawrocki wrote My Day and Larry's High Silk Hat, which is not true.



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