Snoodle Doo
  • Species: Snoodle
  • Hair color: White

Snoodle Doo is a young snoodle who lives in Snoodleburg.


Like all of the snoodles, Snoodle Doo was born on a fourth Tuesday.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Snoodle Doo is a light blue snoodle. He has wings and carries a pack on his back, like the other snoodles. He has white gloves and a white belt with a golden middle. He has a turt of white hair on a stalk sticking out of his head.

Fun Facts

  • Snoodle Doo was voiced by Philip Spooner who is the son of Big Idea concept artist Michael J. Spooner.
  • Snoodle Doo got his name only during the show's production so that the animators could have a reference point for his model.

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