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Stand Up is a song from VeggieTales.


Shack: My mommy always told me to do what's right; To wash behind my ears and try to be polite.

She says she loves me so.

Mr. Nezzer: That's beautiful Shack: It's like she tells me what I need to know. Mr. Nezzer: I've got alot of respect for that woman.

Shack: But sometimes when I'm playing with a buddy or two, They're doing things you're not supposed to do. Mr. Nezzer: Do you go along - even though the things they do are wrong?

Shack: I remember stand

Workers: Stand up, stand up

Shack: For what you believe in, believe in, Believe in God

Workers: He's the one to back you up Shack: We'll stand with you!

Rack: When everybody tells you that you have to be cool, Remember what you learnt in church and Sunday school. Just check it out - the Bible tells us what it's all about. Mr. Nezzer: Oh, you know that's right.

So if you have a question, go ask your Dad, And he can tell you if the thing is good or bad.

You'll make they're day, If you remember what you're parents say

(what they say.)

They told us stand

(Stand up, stand up)

For what you believe in, believe in, Believe in God

(He's the one to back you up)

We'll stand with you!

All: Oh, stand up

Stand up, stand up For what you believe in, believe in, Believe in God

(He's the one to back you up) W e'll stand with you!

Shack: He'll stand with you, oh yeah.

Fun Facts

  • The song is based after Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes".
  • The instrumental version of the song can be heard on the main DVD menu of the episode.
  • The peas singing were the voices of all the animators.
  • Skillet did a cover of this song on VeggieRocks!



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