Sweetpea Beauty

Mike Nawrocki


Leslie Ferrell
Mike Nawrocki
(Big Idea)
Dan Krech
John Morch
(Hawaii Animation)


Mike Nawrocki
Mark Steele

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


July 31st 2010


50 minutes

Previous episode

The Little Boy
That Woodn't

Next episode

It's a Meaningful Life

Sweetpea Beauty is the 38th VeggieTales episode.

The first story, Snoodlerella", is a sequel to A Snoodle's Tale and a retelling of Cinderella, while the second is based after Snow White.


Fun Facts


  • This episode is known for having some of the most errors, which before that was God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!.
    • In addition, this episode is known to have the worst animation and poorest design of the characters, which would be a problem in It's a Meaningful Life, but would be fixed afterwards.
  • In some airings of the episode on Smile of a Child, the Snoodlerella segment and the Silly Song were removed.
  • This is the first episode animated by Hawaii Animation Studios.
  • This is also the first episode not to feature Bob in the countertop segements, but instead featuring Annie and Petunia.


  • The food with socks is definitely tainted. Who would want food with socks in it?

Real-World References

  • Sharper Image is a American product cmpany brand, formerly associated with retails. The company went bankrupted in 2008, but still sells products online.

Inside References

  • One of Larry's hats is the LarryBoy helmet.


  • When Larry says "Hi Lauren," his mouth doesn't move.
  • The mirror jumps in one shot.
  • Certain shots alter between grown crops and blank soil. For instance, one shot shows soil with plants in them, but some shots after that show the soil without anything planted on it.
  • The Queen gains her crown back in specific shots but loses it afterward while the Mirror still has it.

Episode Transcript



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