This is a commentary on The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka, with the whole penguins crew with Ron Smith.


(The opening starts) Zidgel: Zidgel here; ship's captain! Welcome to all my fans. I'll be narrating as we watch one of my favorite episodes, "The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka".

Fidgel: (interrupts Zidgel) Huh-hmm! And what does the rest of us here had to do? Watching you adoringly?

Zidgel: Probably.

Midgel: The show is called "3-2-1 Penguins!", not "3-2-1 Zidgel!".

Zidgel: An unfortunate oversight that I'm sure is correctable. Ron Smith, the director of the show is with us today, too. Ron, is there anything we can do with that title?

Smith: No, these 3D graphics cost a fortune, we have to redo this whole title sequence. Listen, this is an ensemble cast. No one is bigger than anyone else.

Kevin: Well, me. I'm bigger.

Smith: Well, technically yes, you're the tallest. But, nobody's important than anyone else. Everybody's part of the team for a purpose. Like the A-Team!

Midgel: Does that make me Mr. T?

Smith: Okay, bad example.

(title card shows up)

Fidgel: If he's not Mr. T, then am I Mr. T?

Smith: Nobody is Mr. T. Why don't you introduce yourselves, and we'll just move on?

Zidgel: Zidgel here; ship's captain!

Midgel: Hey there, mates! Midgel here; ship's pilot!

Fidgel: Ship scientist Fidgel here!

Kevin: Hello! Kevin here! Uh, Ron, what am I?

Smith: Let's call you the utility player.

Zidgel: Now, who are these folks?

Midgel: The tournament, remember?

Zidgel: Oh, right.

Fun Facts

  • "The A-Team" was a American action-adventure television series that lasted for four seasons. Mr. T is one of the actors who played B. A. Baracus in the show.

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