The Malt Shop (originally known as Malta Malts) is a restaurant that's been seen in VeggieTales.

This is wear you can get ice cream and milkshakes.

It was first seen in the first Minnesota Cuke episode when Mr. Cuke went there to talk to an old friend of his where he can find Samson's Hairbrush. However, when Professor Rattan barged in and tries to make Julia spill the beans. She refuses and Rattan decides to turn off the power on the freezer, which caused all the ice cream to melt.

It was first located at Malta, but in later appearances, it's been located more close after it's initial appearance. It's mostly just redressed as a diner.

Fun Facts

  • The bell on the door is based on one Tim Hodge had.
  • The flavors of milkshakes and malts are
    • Vanilla Bean
    • Chocolate Chunk Surprise
    • Papaya Swirl
    • Cheese and Crackers
    • Mango
    • Lo-Carb Greek
    • Bass
  • The portraits seen are Lutfi, a Larry-Boy symbol, and Samson.

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