One of the things Larry wore whenever he feels ashamed is a paper bag with a face.

He first wore it in the beginning of The Search of Noah's Umbrella after he came back from Burger Bell. The reason was because some kids on the other booth laughed at him for praying over his lunch.

At first, the bag only had one expression (sad). But after the story ended, it gained different expressions (happy and surprised) and it's unknown how it can do that. Bob thought at first he changed bags, only to find out it can change faces and gets freaked out by it. Annie and Petunia were also very surprised to see that happening.

The bag has cut outs for the eyes, with a drawn nose, mouth, and eyebrows. It also has a tooth, though this only shows up if Larry wears it. Jimmy also wore it towards the end after Bob tossed it out from Larry, though it shrunk in size. Qwerty also had this as a screen program prior to his upgrade, and he used this make fun of Bob.


Fun Facts

  • The idea of Larry wearing on a paper bag over his head was used before in the last LarryBoy Cartoon series episode.
  • The bag changing expressions offscreen is a similar techinque used in the pre-CGI Thomas and Friends series, where the characters' faces change on different shots on how they feel.