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This article is about the pirates. You may be looking for the Silly Song or the feature film.
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The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything is a group of pirates, who obviously don't do anything.

The group includes...



The group first appeared in their first Silly Song with the same name. They talked about how they never did anything that the wanted to do (eg. going to places, doing pirating). Then the song gets interrupted when Larry says about he never did Ping-pong or having head lice. Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt argue to Larry about that, then argue at each other. They eventuality stop fighting and started watching television.

In their second appearance, they host the Ultimate Silly Song Countdown, with the top ten Silly Songs from the first ten years. During the show's run, Pa Grape had to deal with his contraption when it starts glitching. He discovered that their title song was gonna be second place, so he tried to rigged the votes to make it number one. Larry and Lunt stopped him and later confesses that he did it because that's the only Silly Song he has.They later told he that being second is better than the Forgive O Matic.

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