The Selfish Song is the fourth and final song from King George and the Ducky


Melvin: So, King George… whadja learn today?

King George: What’d I learn? Lemme tell ya! Today… I learned…

(music starts)

That bein’ selfish… doesn’t pay

I tried it… just the other day

I wanted to be happy

I thought it was the way, but it weren’t!

Louis: Uh – I think you mean ‘wasn’t’… it ‘wasn’t’ the way…

King George: Well now I know… just what to do

Before I think about me I’d better think about you

So send the message out… to every boy and girl

There’s no better way to make a really icky world…

(Pause as Thomas, Melvin and Louis join King George. They glance at each other, then start again.)

King George: Than being selfish!

Others: Selfish, ooooh

King George: It doesn’t pay! I tried it…

Others: He tried it – just the other day!

King George: Uh huh! I wanted to be happy

Others: He thought it was the way

King George: But it weren’t

Others: (repeat – fading out) Weren’t (6x)

King George: (repeat – fading out) No it weren’t!

(Louis drops out of the group and tries to insert the correct word, ‘wasn’t’, but no one listens)

Louis: Wasn't.

Fun Facts

  • This is the only song in the episode to be non sequitur to the other songs. In this case, it's ragtime. Mike once insisted to change before because it was out of place, but Phil states this was meant to be so it can be funny. Mike eventually grew to like the song.