The Spoon in the Stone

Doug Peterson
Cindy Kenney


January 30, 2005

The Spoon in the Stone is a book that talks about serving others.


Laura is yelling at Junior to run and for him to leave the soccer ball, as Junior tears across Mr. Picklesheimer's yard, while right behind him was a dog with ferocious fangs, as the beast snarls and snaps at him. Because Mr. Picklesheimer didn't like kids on his yard, he bought a dog, or rather a creature that was part monster, as Junior runs for his life. Just as the dog is about to attack, Junior leaps over the fence, becoming safe, but the soccer ball ends up getting torn up and eaten by the dog, which Junior is nervous about, because that ball could have been him. The next day, Junior's mom tells him that everyone is going to help Mr. Picklesheimer, which Junior is surprised to hear, before Mom explains to him that Mr. Picklesheimer is getting old and that he needs help doing his yard work, so because of that, they and the Carrots are going to help him, because God wants us to serve others. Junior is surprised that they have to do it today because he and Laura have more important things to do. However, Dad tells him that there's nothing more important than serving others and that they need him home by one o'clock, which causes Junior to sigh, because he does not like this at all.

At the Treasure Trove Bookstore, Junior and Laura complain loudly about why they should help a grouchy old pickle and that they have more important things to do. Mr. O'Malley couldn't help but overhear, recognizing that Junior and Laura are having the same problem "a lad and lassie had in a storybook [he] once read", before going to find it. He looks in the Serving Others section, right next to the Scratch-and-Sniff classics, before finding the book, called The Spoon in the Stone. Junior opens to the first page and sees a huge castle with a drawbridge, and standing in front of the castle are two Veggies in royal clothes. All once, four words lift from the page into the air, swirling around and around, growing larger and larger, four simple words; ONCE UPON A TIME. The four giant words swirl around Junior and Laura, as they find themselves falling down, down, down, zooming straight through piles of large words... before landing in front of the castle door. There, they meet up with a tomato who introduces himself as Sir Irving, and his cucumber assistant as Sir Galaham, before adding that they run the Hamalot Hotel. Sir Galaham adds that they like ham a lot, while Sir Iriving tells Junior and Laura that they've been expecting them, which Junior and Laura are confused about.

Sir Galaham then gives Junior and Laura some aprons and some trays, while Sir Irving tells them not to dilly-dally because the hotel is packed with giants and ogres for this weekend's FEE-FI-FO-FUN Trade Show and that they have a shortage of servants.


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