Veg-Out! Family Tournament is a game released in 2008.


Get ready for the silliest tournament ever! This game can only be played on the GameWave entertainment system. Parents and kids can play together, up to four players. Pick from 6 different games, with 2 levels--tricky and trickier. Veg-Out with Music Videos, VeggieTales characters, video clips and more. Up to 4 players can challenge each other.

  • Jimmy & Jerry's Veggie Bingo - Jimmy and Jerry love playing host on Bingo night, only their cards have Veggie characters instead of numbers. Get three in a row and you win.
  • Petunia's Crazy Caper - Petunia has quite an eye for detail, especially when it comes to her favorite VeggieTales stories. How keen is your eye?
  • Junior's Memory Mixin' Matchup - Junior loves to play games that test his memory. Pay close attention and match the most cards to win.
  • Larry's Ball Bash - Larry wants to show off his Silly Songs, but these crazy balls keep getting in the way. Help Larry by bashing as many balls as you can.
  • Pa Grape's Scene Scramble - Pa Grape has gotten these pictures all scrambled. Be the first to arrange your tiles in the correct order and discover the picture.
  • Bob's Prop Hunt - Bob’s been given a script for a new movie. He needs you to help him find some props from his prop stash. See how quickly you can locate the props in your list.

Games Included

  1. Jimmy and Jerry's Veggie Bingo
  2. Petunia's Crazy Caper
  3. Junior's Memory Mixin' Match-Up
  4. Larry's Ball Bash
  5. Pa Grape's Scene Scramble
  6. Bob's Prop Hunt

Fun Facts

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