VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly

Jerrad Matthew


Ron Smith
Bonnie Daniel
Molly O'Connor


Mark Steele

Music by

Kurt Heinecke



Sing Yourself Silly was the Fifth VeggieTales Live! show. It was produced in 2010 tour year as well. This was made into a DVD in 2011.


Act 1

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. The Water Buffalo Song (from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  3. Big Things Too (from Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  4. Gourds Just Wanna Have Fun (from Bob and Larry Sing the 80's)
  5. The Song of the Cebú (from Josh and the Big Wall!)
  6. Dance of the Cucumber (from Rack, Shack and Benny)
  7. God Is Bigger (from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  8. His Cheeseburger (from Madame Blueberry)
  9. Love My Lips (from Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  10. Walking On Sunshine (from Bob and Larry Sing the 80's) (Cut on the DVD Version)

Act 2

  1. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (from Very Silly Songs!)
  2. Do the Moo Shoo (from The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown)
  3. The Rumor Weed Song (from Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed)
  4. Endangered Love (from King George and the Ducky)
  5. Belly Button (from The Ballad of Little Joe)
  6. Footloose (from Bob and Larry Sing the 80's)
  7. The Hairbrush Song (from Are You My Neighbor?)
  8. What Have We Learned
  9. I Can Be Your Friend (from Are You My Neighbor?)
  10. VeggieTales Theme Song (Live)


Main Characters

Fun Facts


  • A behind-the-scenes featurette of this is found on both the actual DVD, and Twas The Night Before Easter.
  • The video was filmed in November 18, 2010 at the World Outreach Church.
  • There are a few instances of the songs using different audio:
  • Originally, the silly song "Goodnight Junior" was in this live show when the song was under the title My Bear.


  • Although Petunia Rhubarb and Laura appear on the promo art, they are not seen in the show itself (unless you count the theme song).
  • Archibald states that Big Things Too was written in 1995. Since Phil stated the production for Dave took about four months, the song may've been written before the end of the year.


  • Archibald was credited as "Archibal".


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