VeggieTales in the House Theme Song is the theme song for the show with the same name.



There's a wondrous place not far away

It's a land inside a big old house where veggies work and play

Meet Bob and Larry and their veggie friends

They're all here inside this world that seems to never end!

They're unforgettable, they are incredible!

We've got VeggieTales to tell because we're vegetables! (Whoo!)

VeggieTales! (Brocoli!)

VeggieTales! (Celery!)

VeggieTales! (Gotta be!)

In the house... VeggieTales in the House!


Season 1 (Version 1)

Season 1 (Version 2)

Deleted Scenes

  • Sorry, We're Closed Today
    1. The scene where the veggies come out of the store has no lighting.
    2. The scene of Mr. Lunt and Madame Blueberry has no lighting.
    3. The scene where the veggies stacked up has no lighting.
  • Bob and the Awesome Frosting Mustache - The scene of Petunia, Mr. Lunt, and Ichabeezer has no border.
  • Bob's Bad Breath - The scene of Larry playing guitar with a broom is zoomed in.
  • Jimmy and Jerry Are Rich - The scene of Larry jumping over with a monster truck has no border.
  • Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! - A deleted scene of Petunia smiling nervously next to Pa Grape.
  • Playground Tales - Unaltered scenes of Gary Garlic throwing the basketball without the border.

Fun Facts