These are the various edits to episodes in the VeggieTown Values videos.

VeggieTales Stories

Rack, Shack and Benny

  • The episode starts at the shot of the Nezzer Chocolate Factory, thus completely leaving out the opening sequence and Good Morning George.

Dave and the Giant Pickle

  • The episode starts when Fluffy moves out of the way to reveal Dave.

The Gourds Must Be Crazy

  • All sequences featuring Junior's room are cut for time.

Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!

  • The episode starts at the shot where the camera pans to Junior's house.
  • The scenes where Larry-Boy looks for the fib were cut off
  • The episode ends after Junior hugs his dad after being told about telling the truth, thus leaving out LarryBoy's final scene and the red Fib scene.

The Toy That Saved Christmas

  • The episode begins automatically with George saying "A Christmas story...."
  • The scene where Junior says "Mom! Mom! I need more toys!" and the scene where Percy says "Billy has more toys than me!" are cut for time.
  • After the scene where Mr. Nezzer gets a teddy bear, the episode goes straight to the ending, thus leaving out the entire climax.

VeggieTown Values On The Job: VeggieTales Stories

VeggieTown Values For The Family: VeggieTales Stories

Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen

  • The episode starts directly at the title card, thus leaving out the entire sequence where Haman kicks out the former queen.

Josh and the Big Wall

  • The episode starts directly at the full shot of the deserts in Israel.