This is Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki discussing the first VeggieTales episode.


(silent for 30 seconds)

Man 1: Hey there, this is Phil Vischer.

Man 2: This is Mike Nawrocki.

Vischer: And uh, we are watching "Where's God When I'm...

Both "S-scared?".

Vischer: The very, very first VeggieTales video that was produced in 1993, by 4 Dominican fryers, working in a back of a Taco Bell, or something like that.

Nawrocki: Very close, very close.

Vischer: So anyway, uhm, let's see here I quit my job at a- actually, no. This, actually started before I quit my job. I had a job at a video post-production house, Mike worked there as well in Chicago. And, uhm I had a special deal with them where, if I had any downtime, I could work on VeggieTales, 'cause I already come up with, you know, the basic idea for the show and I've been trying to sell it for about uh, two years at that point, unsuccessfully. And so while working at that post-house, uhm. Well first we did this little two minute film, uh, "Larry's" er...

Nawrocki: "Take 38".

Vischer: "VeggieTales Screen Test Take 38"

Nawrocki: Yeah, uh-huh.

Vischer: Which hopefully they'll put on as a Easter egg so you can see it.

Nawrocki: Look for it!

Vischer: Uh somewhere, maybe. But don't write me a nasty letter if you can't find it. And uhm, so then while, while I was at this post-house, I, I uh made Junior Asparagus, made his family, made his house, his little room, uh built all those sets, and then wrote the script for the first half for the "Tales from the Crisper".

Nawrocki: Which I named, remember that one? Wait, okay, alright so we go- here we go.

(silent for two seconds, as it cuts to the countertop)

Vischer: Yeah, you came up with that name, based on the HBO...

Both: "Tales from the Crypt".

Nawrocki: Yeah.

Vischer: Which is NOT for kids.

Nawrocki: (laughs)

Vischer: But, you know, we're always making jokes that aren't for kids.

(both of them laughing)

Vischer: Wow, we got into it really quick, here.

(Bob looking at the letter)

Now you'll notice here, this is the only episode where we actually had a real kid, and this a girl from our church at the time, who read this. But in retrospect, it was kinda slow moving, so we decided it might be better if Bob or Larry read it.

Nawrocki: Yeah. Well, if you noticed, there was really no animation on Bob at all. (chuckles) He's just kinda stuck for a while.

Vischer: That was a way to save time. So the countertop was originally built for uh, the very very first piece of VeggieTales animation, which is, uh, "Mr. Cuke". Uh, where Larry the Cucumber test.

Nawrocki: Screen test.

Vischer: To see if he would work.

Nawrocki: Hm-hmm.

Vischer: Uhm, and we kept that every since, and they actually, I think it got rebuilt it once. But other than that, it's uh just the way it was.

(cuts to the beginning to Tales from the Crisper)

'Kay, I also built this set while I was working at the post house. And those little shadows-

Nawrocki: (interrupts; imitating the assistant voice) "I don't believe you could do it!" (chuckles; then switches to normal) I gotta be that guy.

Vischer: That you?

Nawrocki: That was me, remember? (imitating the assistant voice) "I don't believe you could do it!" (switches to normal) Sorta a precursor to Mr. Lunt, who you do.

Vischer: Yeah, and I'm doing this other guy who sounds a whole like Frankencelery AND Jimmy Gourd.

Fun Facts

  • Despite what Phil and Mike promised, the Easter eggs for Mr. Cuke's Test and Take 38 aren't available on the DVD releases.
  • Taco Bell is a American fast food restaurant.
  • Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical adaption of the Bible story Joseph by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • The Thinking Chair Phil was referring to is the red chair used in Blue's Clues, where the host sits down the end of every show after he collects the clues Blue left out.
  • Tales from the Crypt is a HBO series about horror stories formatted for a half hour episode, hence why Phil states it's not for kids. It is somewhat similar to the Twilight Zone, but more edgier and scary.
  • The Wee Sing series were home videos that were made between the mid 80s to either mid or late 90s.
  • Teletubbyland is the name of the area from the children's show "Teletubbies". There was an episode about a cloud that turned pink due to the tubby custard.

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